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Protecting The Rights Of Landowners and Business Owners in Eminent Domain

 Our Track RecordMurphy & Evertz attorneys have achieved an unparalleled track record of success in eminent domain cases. Our team has particularly deep experience representing landowners and business owners facing both full and partial takings. Over the past ten years, Murphy & Evertz attorneys have earned their clients over $300 Million in eminent domain awards. This amount dwarfs the amount of initial government offers (See Case Results).

Our Approach:

  • Our team of lawyers understands the concerns and challenges landowners and business owners face throughout the condemnation process. We pride ourselves on creative and efficient pre-condemnation planning to anticipate and deal with, the immediate impacts of condemnation, while working toward maximizing the ultimate recovery.
  • Our team lawyers are well versed in all aspects of inverse condemnation, right-to-take challenges, precondemnation delay, and loss of business goodwill.
  • Our team of lawyers has cutting-edge experience and knowledge on valuation issues and both real estate and business goodwill claims.
  • Our team’s courtroom successes regularly garner substantial attention statewide.
  • Our team lawyers speak and write frequently on eminent domain issues — and pride themselves on their technical knowledge of both the law and of trial techniques.
  • Our eminent domain team achieves high levels of success because we strive to understand the needs and goals of each landowner and business owner. No two properties or businesses are alike. Condemnation must be dealt with creatively.

Our Clients: We represent owners of a broad range of property types, including large undeveloped tracts, commercial and multi-family residential buildings, industrial space, churches, and privately owned utilities. Our team successfully represents diverse and complex businesses, including manufacturers, retailers, servicers, franchisees, and private utility companies.