Because Results Count

Real Estate and Business Valuation Litigation

Murphy & Evertz lawyers know that valuation disputes – both real estate and business valuation – often turn on expert appraisal theory and testimony. Our team has demonstrated, again and again, its unique talent in selecting the right experts; providing those experts with the right resources and tools; and presenting their expert appraisal testimony in an effective and compelling fashion.


  • Two Murphy & Evertz attorneys, John Murphy & Bradford Grabske, wrote the chapter on expert appraisers in one of the leading treatise on expert appraisal witnesses, the American Bar Association’s Litigators on Experts.
  • Murphy & Evertz attorneys consistently win awards substantially in excess of those advocated by their opponents’ experts. The team’s results establish this fact.
  • Murphy & Evertz attorneys understand and have mastered the leading publications and standards governing appraisal experts. Murphy & Evertz attorneys belong to or participate in appraisal professional organizations such as the Appraisal Institute and the International Right-of-Way Association.
  • Most importantly, Murphy & Evertz attorneys have a proven ability – and enthusiasm – for successfully testing favorable appraisal approaches in court, before judges and juries, when necessary.